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KUBE PIR Components are used in

Kube has advanced design capabilities for presence detectors elegant light switch uses cone optics TR232 Kube 22302 outdoor & UV-stable granulate used for this lens Kube has design and production capabilities for 3D lenses Kube can do RF/EMV testing for CE compatibility White lens molding granulates for aethetics and light blocking Kube supplies all common pyroelectric sensors Kube supplies a large number of standard fresnel lenses Kube supplies standard detector modules or engages in any custom design

Our customers include all major PIR alarm and light switch manufacturers worldwide.

Main office: Where to buy ?
KUBE Electronics AG
Industriestr. 55
8625 Gossau
Tel +41-43-928 05 50
To offer you the highest possible service
quality, KUBE has no representatives worldwide.
All products are shipped directly from
Switzerland by airmail, UPS or the carrier
of your choice.