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History and Profile of KUBE Electronics AG

Wallisellen offices Schmerikon Production Plant 1981 On the historic day of July 10, 1981, KUBE Electronics AG was founded by the visionary infrared specialist Walter Kuster and business executive Gianni Berardi. Thus the name KUBE.

KUBE started producing window materials for the passive infrared industry in Schmerikon, Switzerland. Since then, KUBE supplies these important materials to the manufacturers of intruder alarms and motion detectors. Beyond that, KUBE developed equipment to detect passive infrared radiation in industry, traffic control, security and military.

KUBE's equipment and components are esteemed for their high performance, quality and reliability.

ELTEC Instruments, Daytona Beach Plant KUBE was affiliated with Eltec Instruments, Inc. of Florida, a manufacturer of pyroelectric sensors, and still maintains a close cooperation, and represents Eltec products.

In the 1990ties, KUBE pioneered in the development of compact, integrated passive infrared sensing systems. This new technology, mainly the introduction of cone optics to replace fresnel lenses, allows applications in many new fields of industry, consumer products and in energy conservation. Todays detectors are easy to use and low cost.

The new technology is patented worldwide, but licenses are offered at fair rates.

The KUBE Electronics Engineering Center In the new Millennium, KUBE continues to be a reliable supplier of PIR components to its customers.

KUBE customers include most alarm manufacturers, and large industrial companies like GE, Motorola, Siemens, Procter&Gamble, ABB, Legrand, Lexel, Com1 etc., and products are shipped throughout Europe, America, and as far as New Zealand and Tatarstan.

KUBE invests in a number of research activities:
  • New plastic materials for PIR windows and lenses
  • More powerful PIR optics
  • Innovative PIR designs in cooperation with our customers
KUBE Electronics Engineering Center in Gossau, Switzerland

Kube's Infrared Transmissive Granulate Production
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Kube's Infrared Transmissive Film Production
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