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Our Small PIR Demonstrator for only EUR 50

Within a few days and for only EUR 50
you may hold this fully functional,
professional PIR demonstrator in your hands.


OpticsCone Optics TR 230
Front WindowVandal Proof TR 231
SensorPyroelectric C172
Range6 Meters (18 feet)
Field of View90 degrees horizontalrefer to TR 230 Optics
Detection CapabilityPeople, animals, pets, cars etc.
OutputLED lamp indicates motion
Power supplyBuilt in lithium battery 3 Volts
CircuitMinimum parts count, lowest cost

The PC board containing the electronics and optics may easily be removed from the box and can be used for prototyping any application. The board will work from 3 to 5 VDC 5uA, and a logic output may be connected instead of the LED.

The datasheet can be downloaded here:

PIR Demonstrator Sample Order

PIR Circuit Chip Evaluation Board

KUBE provides you with the PCB layout, the parts list, the Gerber files, specification and assembly instructions to make your own PIR evaluation board.

This board allows you industrial level prototyping of PIR light switches, alarms, door openers, actuators and game camera controls, including power supply and output relay

Download: instructions, assembly, troubleshooting, PCB layout, parts list: kube_evaluation_board_tr250.pdf

Download: Same as above, including the Gerber files:

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