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ELTEC Pyroelectric Detectors and High Impedance Devices

Eltec products are used widely in industry, military, research and space applications. Only a few components match the cost requirements of consumer products. For low cost applications, return to the KUBE section.

Proceed to the Eltec Library for a complete Collection of Datasheets and Application Notes.

The Most Wanted Items are Available from Stock in Switzerland:

Low Noise Resistors - Megohms - Gigaohms - Teraohms
        Application Note
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Pyroelectric Laser Detectors
  Application Note
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To receive a quote for a specific non-stock item, please use the Message field on the ordering form or send an e-mail (). Do not forget to state:
- for resistors: Model, value, tolerance, quantity and application
- for detectors: Basic model, filter type (number), quantity and application.
Disclosing the application will give us the possibility to give you further recommendations, and indicate alternative devices or better choices.

ELTEC Products are available:
Silverlight Ltd. (former Eltec Instruments SA)
Glärnischstr. 59
CH-8712 Stäfa
tel. +41 44 926 43 62
fax. +41 44 926 61 31
Main office: Where to buy ?
KUBE Electronics AG
Industriestr. 55
8625 Gossau
Tel +41-43-928 05 50
To offer you the highest possible service
quality, KUBE has no representatives worldwide.
All products are shipped directly from
Switzerland by airmail, UPS or the carrier
of your choice.