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KUBE Clean Power

16 Amp/250VAC power line filter and surge arrestor KUBE TR 166

KUBE TR 166 is a highly effective filter against overvoltage and RF interference to protect computers or any other sensitive equipment from damage. It is intended for use in power strips (multiple socket outlets, Steckdosenleisten, multiprises) and is capable to carry the full current of 16 Amp without the need for an extra fuse.

The very compact dimensions allow mounting in power outlets and takes minimum space in power strips.

The KUBE TR 166 filter features a unique thermal cutoff mechanism to prevent a hazardous condition (fire) that may arise in certain situations. More than that, the KUBE TR 166 remains operational under such conditions and prevents data loss in computers and other consequences.

Optionally, two neon lamps may be connected (AMP 2.8 mm connectors):

red indicates that the surge arrester has been disconnected after overload (whereas the output voltage remains available)
green indicates that mains voltage is available.

Circuit and Connections:

Technical Data:

Line Voltage 220 to 250 VAC
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Current Rating 16 Amps
Idle Current < 0.5 mA
Temperature Range 0 ... 50 °C
Conformity SEV / VDE / CE


Board Size 45 x 45 mm
Height 38 mm


Wires flexible wires 1.5 mm² - 200 mm long
Screw Terminals On special request

Technical Data: Overvoltage protection

Minimum Clamp Voltage 275 VAC
Surge Current - iSN (8/20) 2500 Amps
Maximum Surge Current - iSG (8/20) 8000 Amps
Voltage at iSN < 950 V
Time Delay < 25 ns
Cut Off Temperature ~115 °C

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