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OEM Products

Comfort and Energy Saving with the Master-Slave Switch: Smart Switch

16 AMP/250 VAC or 15 AMP 115 VAC power line filter and surge arrestor: Clean Power

Standard and customer designed products

We deliver manufacturers in the electrical industry.

KUBE offers design and production of PIR boards including electronics and optics for a large variety of applications, such as:
light switches, people sensors, building controls, vehicle detection, alarms.

Economic production is possible from 100 pcs to 10'000 pcs.

The image shows the TR 260 "underdesk" PIR lightswitch, an extremely compact motion detector to be mounted under a desk or tabletop. It will switch light, computers or other equipment upon the presence of a person. It features 16 AMP 230VAC output.


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KUBE Electronics AG
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Tel +41-43-928 05 50
To offer you the highest possible service
quality, KUBE has no representatives worldwide.
All products are shipped directly from
Switzerland by airmail, UPS or the carrier
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