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KUBE Smart Switch - TR 160 & TR 167

Comfort and Energy Saving with the Master-Slave Switch

The KUBE Smart Switch is a genious and simple device to be integrated into power strips (multiple socket outlets, Steckdosenleisten, multiprises) for automatic switching of "slaves" upon the status of the "master".

A sensor monitors the current drain of the master unit. When the current exceeds 50mA, the slave outputs are automatically switched on.
Use it for example with your PC: If you switch the mainframe on, all auxiliary units (screen, printer, plotter, external drive) are switched on automatically.

State-of-the-art technology using ASIC - SMD design provides high functionality, excellent immunity against interference and a long service lifetime. The KUBE Smart Switch exhibits proven reliability of 100'000s of units working worldwide.

Unlike other similar "master-slave" switches, the KUBE Smart Switch does not need troublesome trimming to the load threshold, but adapts automatically and reliably any loads and equipment connected to it.



TR 160 TR 167
Line voltage 230 V (195...255 V) 230 V (195...255 V)
Threshold ~50 mA ~50 mA
Max. current rating 16 A 16A / 2 - pole
Turn on delay ~500 ms ~500 ms
Turn off delay ~500 ms ~500 ms
Power consumption < 1 Watt < 1 Watt
Temp. range 0...50 °C 0...50 °C
Wire connection 4 flexible AWG 16 (1.3 mm) 5 flexible 1.5 mm² (AWG 16)
Does not respond to reactive current (Capacitive load)
Conformity SEV / VDE / CE SEV / VDE / CE / SEMKO
Approvals SEMKO
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