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KUBE PIR Fresnel Lenses and Cone Optics

Product Comparison Chart

MultiZone Fresnel Lenses

(Fresnel lens arrays)
The traditional lenses for intruder alarms,
lighting applications, presence detectors
and general PIR motion detectors.

MultiZone Golfball Lenses

Small and easy to use.
For wall and ceiling mounted applications.
Low and medium range applications.
TR243 small
TR240 large
Cone Optics

A novel and economic alternative to fresnel lenses.
Good room coverage for wall mounted detectors.
Smaller than lenses and easy to assemble on PC-boards.
TR230 for C172, TO5 sensor
TR232 for 6192 flat pack sensor
Single PIR Lenses

For single zone, long range PIR detection, instrumentation and prototyping
Customer Specific Fresnel Lenses

KUBE supplies traditional fresnel lens arrays
as well as 3 dimensional lenses and exotic shapes
to PIR-manufacturers worldwide.
Design services and high volume production are available.
Miniature PIR Window

Ideally suited for use with cone optics to seal it to the environment.
It can also be used in simple low range applications as a lens.

Every PIR motion detector needs a lens or cone optics to intensify the signal.

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