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People at KUBE

Sandy Keist, Commercial Director :
"Ask me about product availability, no matter if you need a few pieces or a million. You can discuss prices, delivery, terms, customs and tax matter with me. You must keep me informed when something is not as it should be"

Max Keist, Engineer, Technical Director :
"Do you need a Fresnel lens or a PIR circuit ? I'll make the design to your needs, make prototypes, test them to functionality in our lab, and all the standards you need."

Marcel Mueller, Head of R&D / Application Engineer :
"Contact me to select the right parts for your application. I am happy to help you in all PIR related questions in the areas of electronics, optics and practical applications."

Fly, Head of Facility Management / Logistics Support :
"You cannot contact me directly. I am happy to support the team in the back-office doing various tasks."

Main office: Where to buy ?
KUBE Electronics AG
Industriestr. 55
8625 Gossau
Tel +41-43-928 05 50
To offer you the highest possible service
quality, KUBE has no representatives worldwide.
All products are shipped directly from
Switzerland by airmail, UPS or the carrier
of your choice.