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KUBE PIR Transmissive Plastics for Fresnel Lenses and Windows

Injection Molding Granulates

  • The best material for fresnel lenses
  • Especially suited for thin parts
  • High transmission in the 7...14 Microns band
  • Choice of colors
  • RoHS and TSCA conform

Product list and optical data:
Stock list and prices:

Window Films

  • For PIR windows, lens covers and hoods
  • Soft grades available for vacuum forming
  • High transmission in the 7...14 Microns band
  • Choice of colors
  • RoHS and TSCA conform

Product list and optical data
Stock list and prices:

Technical Data and Properties of KUBE Injection Molding Granulates and Window Films

Optical, thermal and mechanical properties of granulates and films.

Processing of injection molding granulates.
Information for the injection molder. Includes details on 12'600 near infrared material.

Long term stability of KUBE PIR transmissive plastics.
Detailed Information on ageing, sunlight and ozone exposure.
The same in German: KUBE PIR Fensterfolien und Spritzguss-Granulate:
Eigenschaften, Qualitätssicherung und Alterungsverhalten. kube_plastik_qualitaet.pdf

How to fix, glue and weld KUBE PIR transmissive plastics.

Flammability: IEC and UL-rating

Material safety data sheet for PIR injection molding granulates. Recommendations and safety precautions.
The same in German: Sicherheitsdatenblatt für PIR Spritzguss-Granulate. Hinweise und Vorsichtsmassnahmen.

Custom made Windows, Covers and Lenses

Please consult to discuss your requirements or applications.

Window Films Sample Order (assorted)
(Includes A5-size sheets of most common film products.)

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