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Prototyping and Design Services

PIR Fresnel Lens Design and Prototyping Services

Let KUBE engineers make your own lens and produce prototypes:

  • All kind of fresnel lenses (arrays) for PIR motion detectors such as intruder alarms automatic light switches and people detectors.
  • Flat or 3-D fresnel lenses with up to 40 segments.
  • Wall mounted, ceiling mounted, "pet-immune" and any custom design.
  • Fresnel lenses for instrumentation, non-contact thermometers etc.

KUBE can produce flat fresnel lens prototypes with this press within a week

press to make fresnel lens prototypes
Electronics and System Design Services

Our experience in the design of PIR alarms, light switches and other infrared equipment is available!

  • Full system design: Optics - Mechanics - Electronics
  • Low cost prototyping or feasability studies
  • Innovative industrial designs
  • Redesign of existing PIR's
  • Functional qualification and testing
  • Improvements for CE and VdS compatibility, including RF testing.
  • Non-disclosure agreement for full customer protection.

Main office: Where to buy ?
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Tel +41-43-928 05 50
To offer you the highest possible service
quality, KUBE has no representatives worldwide.
All products are shipped directly from
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