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KUBE Pyroelectric Sensors for Motion Detectors

Pyroelectric Sensors Sample Order

KUBE Pyroelectric Sensors use dual element (differential) technology to compensate environmental effects.

All sensors are in a metal housing with an integrated infrared filter window and a JFET preamplifier.
The TO-5 case is compatible with other brands, while the Flat Pack is recommended for space-critical applications.

C172 standard TO-5 Dual Pyroelectric Sensor:

C174 TO-5 Quad Pyroelectric Sensor:

6192 Flat Pack Dual Pyroelectric Sensor:

7192 TwinSide Flat Pack Dual Pyroelectric Sensor for 180° wide angle motion detectors

TR241 Mirror for use with 7192 sensor.

Long Term Stability under Humid Environmental Conditions: Not all pyroelectric sensors are the same ! Read why.

KUBE Pyroelectric Sensor for Flame Detectors and Gas Analysis

AR172 TO-5 Wideband Dual Pyroelectric Sensor:
Version of the low cost C172 with extended optical bandwidth optimized for 3...5 Microns applications.

ELTEC Laser Sensors & Customer Specified Pyroelectric Sensors

ELTEC supplies a wide range of pyroelectric sensors.
ELTEC Instruments Pyro Sensors

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