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Quality Assurance

Since 1981, KUBE follows the essential quality control schemes of GMP standards, and specifically the use of history tags.
KUBE is an approved supplier to many large companies worldwide and has received the highest AAA-rating for quality, delivery and technical support.
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To offer you the highest possible service quality KUBE has no representatives worldwide. All products are shipped directly from Switzerland by airmail/UPS etc.

KUBE certifies quality and conformity to its ISO 9000 customers

Quality papers

Long term stability of KUBE PIR transmissive plastics. Detailed information on ageing, sunlight and ozone exposure.
kube_plastics_quality.pdf (369 kb, Feb 19)
The same in German: KUBE PIR Fensterfolien und Spritzguss-Granulate: Eigenschaften, Qualitätssicherung und Alterungsverhalten.
kube_plastik_qualitaet.pdf (323 kb, Feb 19)

List of RoHS compliant KUBE products
kube_rohs_conformity.pdf (35 kb, Mar 18)

Material safety data sheet for PIR injection molding granulates. Recommendations and safety precautions.
kube_plastics_safety.pdf (146 kb, Apr 18)

The same in German:Sicherheitsdatenblatt für PIR Spritzguss-Granulate. Hinweise und Vorsichtsmassnahmen.
kube_plastik_sicherheit.pdf (165 kb, Apr 18)

Flammability of PIR transmissive plastics: IEC and UL-rating
kube_plastics_flammability.pdf (21 kb, May 15)

Extreme testing

In our mountain test site, located at 1300m altitude, KUBE PIR transmissive plastics are exposed to the intense sunlight and harsh climate.
KUBE window films are under continuous test for over 20 years. Samples from every production lot are added to the test.
KUBE PIR transmissive plastics have received military approval from GIAT/France.

Main office: Where to buy ?
KUBE Electronics AG
Industriestr. 55
8625 Gossau
Tel +41-43-928 05 50
To offer you the highest possible service
quality, KUBE has no representatives worldwide.
All products are shipped directly from
Switzerland by airmail, UPS or the carrier
of your choice.